Transportation and distribution

A wide variety of services from consolidated cargo services for highly mixed low-volume lots to the land transportation of large machinery. We also provide railway and coastal transportation services.

Outline of services

Truck transportation

Mitsubishi Logistics provides truck transportation services.
Our truck transportation includes consolidated cargo services, direct delivery using chartered trucks and ocean freight container transportation.
Regarding our services in Japan, we are able to propose optimal distribution systems through the tactical combination of our nationwide mainline transportation network and our independent collection and delivery network that links many regional areas.

Consolidated cargo service

We meet low-volume, high-frequency shipping needs by combining individual shipments that would not fill a truck into one shipment. Especially in major consumption areas, we arrange a unique service system suited to the requirements of each cargo and meet the diverse needs of our clients, including time management and temperature control.

Direct delivery using chartered trucks

We meet a wide variety of transportation needs, regardless of packing requirements or cargo size.
We offer delivery and installation services for many types of equipment in facilities, plants and other locations. We also offer services to dismantle, remove and reinstall equipment for the relocation of plants in Japan and overseas.

Distribution in China
We provide cargo transportation services in Shanghai with our own fleet of trucks.
Delivery and installation service
Transporting wind power generators
Delivery and installation service
Transporting railway cars

Ocean freight container transportation

We provide ocean freight container transportation services.
In Japan, we offer flexible delivery services to customer-specified destinations using our vast inventory of trucks located in major ports throughout the country.

Super-high lift tractor transportation

Super-high lift tractors help to drastically reduce residual chemical powder inside the trailers after transport. We have extensive experience handling Sea Bulk for the transport of resin and other powders (catalysts, carbons, etc.).*

  • *Sea Bulk is an extra-large polyethylene bag filled with powder and granular material.

Railway transportation

Mitsubishi Logistics provides cargo transportation by railway.
Rail transportation draws attention because of its relatively low impact on the natural environment.

Ocean transportation (domestic transit)

Mitsubishi Logistics provides domestic transportation by ship.
Ships draw attention as a method of transportation because of their relatively low impact on the natural environment.

Route delivery operations

We utilize predetermined service routes to effectively deliver cargo to stores and facilities in different locations.
By combining cargo from several shippers, we achieve high distribution efficiency, lower cost and lower impact on the environment.

Cross-dock delivery operations

We utilize cross-docking (combining supplies from factories, especially from remote ones, and from distribution centers that are going to the same or similar destinations) in our facilities to streamline delivery services.
By combining cargo from several shippers, we achieve high distribution efficiency, lower cost and lower impact on the environment.


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