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Mitsubishi Logistics' truck transportation covers consolidated cargo service, direct delivery utilizing chartered trucks and ocean freight container transportation.
In Japan in particular, we can propose the optimal distribution system for each customer through a tactical combination of our national main line transit network and our independent collection and delivery services linking local areas.

Consolidated cargo service

We offer the perfect solution for small-quantity, high-frequency shipping needs: we combine several smaller loads in one truck to realize cost-effective transportation for our customers. In major consumption areas, we further streamline the process by arranging a unique system to suit the requirements of each cargo, while effectively integrating time management, temperature management, etc. for the optimum transportation solution.

Our dedicated reefer (refrigerated) containers are used for transport of pharmaceuticals from Osaka to Okinawa.

Direct delivery with chartered trucks

We meet all transport needs, regardless of packing requirements or cargo size.

Transporting Kibo (photo provided by JAXA)

Mitsubishi Logistics handled transportation of the on-board experimentation lab for the Japanese Experiment Module Kibo, now installed in the International Space Station.

Distribution in China

We provide cargo transportation in Shanghai with our own fleet of trucks.

Transport and installation services

We provide transportation with installation services for all types of equipment in facilities, plants, etc. We also offer dismantling, removal and reinstallation for plant relocation.

Transporting wind-power generators
Transporting railcars

Overseas freight container transportation

Mitsubishi Logistics also provides overseas freight container transportation services.

In Japan, we offer flexible delivery services to customer-specified destinations using our vast inventory of trucks located in major ports throughout the country.

Super-high lift tractors transportation

Super-high lift tractor

Our super-high lift tractors have enabled us to drastically reduce the amount of residual chemical powder left in trailers after transport. We have extensive experience dealing with sea bulk* for the transport of resin and other industrial-use powders (catalysts, carbons, etc).

Sea bulk is an extra-large polyethylene bag filled with chemical powder or dry, flowable product.


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