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Search by purpose JIT delivery

Meeting specific customer needs to help streamline business

  • We want to initiate JIT (just-in-time) deliveries of car components to our customer's factory.

Provide the optimum solution

  • Mitsubishi Logistics provides accurate JIT delivery for both customers and their business partners.


In addition to providing deliveries adjusted to meet production system requirements in the factory, Mitsubishi Logistics also provides supplemental services as warehouse storage, such as inspections and packing before delivery.

Our overall services

  • Mitsubishi Logistics not only makes JIT deliveries to automotive production factories eight times a day, but also provides pre-delivery services such as warehousing, inventory management, inspections and packing.
    In this example, we are also handling export procedures for shipments from overseas part plants.
    Particularly in parts transportation, we are employing reusable containers in an effort to reduce environmental impacts.

JIT delivery workflow

Recommended service

Logistics streamlining (efficiency improvement) / cost reduction

Reduction of environmental impact

Logistics service inquiry
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