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Search by purpose Packing, labeling and storage of pharmaceutical products & medical equipment

Meeting specific customer needs to help streamline business

  • We want to outsource distribution procedures that require a pharmacist's presence according to Japanese law.

Provide the optimum solution

  • Mitsubishi Logistics is licensed for packing, labeling and storing pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and we have our own pharmacist placed in the required processes to ensure we meet the customer's logistical needs.


As a logistics partner, Mitsubishi Logistics takes the responsibility of maintaining quality logistics services, such as ensuring stable supply and temperature controls, extremely seriously. We handle one of the largest shares of distribution center processing outsourced by medical manufacturers.

Our overall services

  • Upon receiving pharmaceutical products or medical equipment from the customer's factory or an overseas supplier, Mitsubishi Logistics performs a careful inspection of the cargo and report to the customer. We label and package as instructed by the customer and keep the cargo in storage while waiting for shipping orders. As soon as we receive shipping orders via facsimile, EDI or e-mail, we arrange for a carrier and deliver the cargo to the destination.

Workflow of production procedure for labels, etc.


Recommended service

Logistics streamlining (efficiency improvement) / cost reduction

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